Megan M. Korn

Emory University Class of 2020

Major: Chemistry

I was born in Newton, New Jersey in 1998. Although my family and I moved away in 2004, New Jersey is still one of my many homes.

I was raised in Easton, Pennsylvania, and very much enjoyed my time there. We lived by the Lehigh River, which is where I spent much of my time running, swimming, and playing. In high school, I ran cross country and made many good friends and memories. Most of my family lived nearby, so we often spent holidays together. Some of my favorite memories include Friday night dinners with my grandmother, brother, and nephew.

After high school, I went to Emory. At Emory, I enjoy my classes, professors, clubs, and friends. Atlanta is a vibrant city to explore and make meaningful memories. My favorite places in Atlanta include the botanical gardens, the High museum, and the neighborhood of little five points. My absolute favorite place to get good food is Vic's sandwich shop in Decatur. Emory and Atlanta was a perfect choice for me.

After Emory, I plan to go to graduate school. Hopefully after that I can stay in research and get a job in academia. I wouldn't mind living in Atlanta after I graduate, however I am partial to New England.