New Media Toolbox

When reflecting on my experience in this class, I couldn’t help but sum it utilizing the overused academic phrase “building my toolbox.” Though toolbox is cliche, this class was one of the most technical classes I’ve taken so far at Emory. Instead of relying on worksheets and class notes to get by on the assignments, I found myself going to the library for help, scouring the internet for tech support, and using other various sorts of untraditional resources. Thus, this assemblies assignment¬†shows all of the “tools” I have acquired over the course of the semester, and how I would organize them for another person to develop them as well.

Also, the toolbox part may or may not have been influenced by the fact that it is an engineering-style sheet. Regardless, I like to think this is an appropriately organized data visualization of the entire semester’s worth of skills:

Ridiculous amount of image sources: brain, photoshop, audacity, VLC media, creative commons, podcast, youtube, canva, tableau, clock, code academy, featured image

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