Nuclear Coffee

The obvious message of this photo might be that I am a coffee aficionado. You may propose that my love for coffee is “explosive” and I can’t live without it. However, that’s not really the case. I enjoy a cup of coffee on occasion, but it’s not an addiction for me. So, why did I create such a strong image? It has more to do to the with effects of coffee on me. When I drink a cup of coffee, I become super-meg. Mega-meg. Meg x 1000. Which is nice at 3 PM, but at 3 AM, not so much. You could even say I have the power of a nuclear bomb. For that reason, I have a complicated relationship with coffee, as this picture conveys.

After looking through Stephen Mcmennamy’s work, I was intimidated by the project of creating a combophoto. As I left my dorm, though, my perspective changed while walking across campus. I started thinking how one object could be perceived as another. Then I looked up and thought how versatile and intriguing clouds could be for this project. Once I had a starting point, the ideas started to flow, and the project’s intimidating stature shrank. Thus, the nuclear coffee was born.

One of my biggest challenges, after brainstorming the idea, was molding the edges of the two pictures together. The nuclear cloud photo was older by a few decades, so the quality differed from the coffee image. Also, the nuclear image was darker, which posed an issue when put on top of the lighter coffee image. Playing with brightness, contrast, and transparency helped to make the flow between images slightly more cohesive. Overall, I had a really fun experience with this assignment.

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  1. This is a fantastic combophoto! The image is visually striking, fun, and immediately comprehensible. I also appreciate the playfulness of your write up.

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