Visualizing Integrals

Many of the classes I am taking this semester are math and science based, of which the content is often hard to translate to the art world. However, I am always finding myself drawing complex shapes in multivariable calc, so I thought for this assignment it would be fun to fuse my creativity with such a complicated math class, full of formulas and far out concepts.

By having to copy my notes in a less cluttered manner, I was able to organize the concepts better in my head. I often do something like this for most of my chemistry classes, albeit fewer doodles. Just the minute creativity of choosing where to place certain ideas on the page and how big they should be translated well to determining how important they are and how they are related. A helpful tactic I used was drawing the region graphs as typical objects. I will certainly do this in the future to help hash out multivariable concepts. By glancing at the page, I can immediately see the three important integral formulas as well as the two major polar coordinate systems. This method of note taking is well-suited for my studying habits.

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